terça-feira, 23 de março de 2010

I want to proclaim and End to America's dedicated week,since it seems to me I've found myself in an endless Loop of cheap criticism and pathetic waste of time...so by carrying the same spirit of an inglorious effort for continuity on space-time frame I introduce the Week dedicate to Drugs....as my formally partner or collegue announced...the first of all....Television!He was not the first one, in the past decades Terrence McKeena suggested Television as the worst drug in all world, and it seems pretty obvious...it's the cheapest of all, and it doesn't concerns (what refers to addiction-factor) about gender,social comittement,social status,working-class hierarchy,age or even IQ.

So it means if I'm a hemaphroditus/slob/workahoolic/divorced/mother-father of two earglings I'll still have a TV waiting for me.

Keep an eye,keep in touch,broadcasting everywhere
We'll find you while sleeping,
We'll get you anywhere,

Larry, The Cable Guy

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