quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

PAAM! Inauguration of the Political Activism Artistic Manifesto! War (on a completely subversive and intelligent,but peacefull way) on America Terrorism!On America Imperialism!On America Fascism!(I look like a congressman speaking to an sheepfull audience trying to win the Elections in Florida). The clause of this Manifesto mighty be something like:

Subversion of Imperialism Rules;
Subversion of artistic elitism;
Subversion of urbanism;
Subversion of technology;
Subversion of Politics,

so may I add,(since the main word here is subversion) an 's' from PAAM to paam'S.
We want to completely destroy political protocols,elitism protocols,urbanism protocols,to lower all expectations on the economical system through Banks,through Politics (what about religion?-goes someone in the crowd?),fuck religion as well I say, we want feelings and creativity, and smartness and....subversion, with music,painting,style and good will. Fuck on Rockefellers Tribune of corruption and 'shitness' (if it is a word,I took a poetic lyric gesture in this appropriation), Fuck on the family's generation of sob bastards of Rockefellers apathic descendents, Spit on their faces,I would...or else if you see them on street,or vomit their Hall Carpet if you are invited to their fancy homossexual parties;Fuck on US Democratic or/and Republican deputees;Fuck you too if you are against us!(we don't kill we are just smart enough to fuck you!),Fuck Athenas Chart;Fuck Optimistical Technological Architecture from the 80's;fuck all tuxedo executive wall street cocaine additcs, self-bastards,whom even their mother would sell for a cheapless sifillis hooker, or even an yellow-no-self-esteem-pair-of dirt-bloody-socks (a british argument,with an british accent). We don't want to please,we want to tease....

Don't go for Barclays,Citybank,Visa,MasterCard,Morgan's Oil Company,Halliburton,United Fruit,Pharmacologycal Healthy Businessman-who spread disease/cure always with a cinical smile and price.To all and more,I spit you and wait for your resignation letter, by the end of the month.

Your roman emperor

júlio César

So keep an eye on America's Hitler of the XX1 century, and on this great web agenda site

The first prologue of paam'S conceptual activism to restore the true mankind's universal jedi soldier - The Self Made Man

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